Bay of Fundy Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

Available year round as whole Fish, Skinless and skin on fillets, and
water jet cut portions.

Skin-on sides 3-4# avg. Item # 40917
Skinless sides 3-4# avg. Item # 40916
Whole 10-12 # avg. Item #40920
Whole 14-16 # avg. Item #40924
Custom water jet cut portions Item #40928

True North Salmon is Eco certified by International Food Quality Certification (IFQC)/Global Trust

The True North Salmon Company underwent rigorous third-party audits by the International Food Quality Certification (IFQC) by Global Trust In five key areas:

  1. Maintenance of a pristine quality marine environment
  2. Demonstrated use of feed from sustainable sources
  3. Reduction of energy usage and carbon footprint
  4. Reduction of water use
  5. Reduction of packaging and elimination of waste

Loblaw Supermarkets and Legal Seafood both offer True North Canadian farmed salmon as part of their companywide efforts to carry only sustainable seafoods.

True North is leading the industry in converting their operations to Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA), culturing salmon, mussels, oysters and kelp together.